My progress at CMS.

I’ve been enrolled and taking classes at Colorado Media School since August of 2013 and in a few short months I’ve learned more than I thought my cave man brain was capable of retaining. I say cave man because I’m a little older than the rest of my class mates, so it makes for some interesting conversations while we’re on break. You can read more about that in my upcoming blogs. My progress thus far in school I would have to say is pretty good. My grades are mostly the first couple letters of the Alphabet so on paper I’m right where I need to me and even better news is that my audio and video projects have gotten excellent reviews from the instructors. I’ve figured out that I enjoy the radio broadcasting elements in school considerably more than the video. You could say I have a face for radio if you’re old enough to appreciate that joke. If there is an area where I need improvement it would definitely be the website building and overall computer aspect of the school. It definitely makes me wish that in high school I had taken a computer class rather that making a baseball bat, it seems that my carpentry skills have not proven very valuable in the age of computers and this little thing they call the “Internet”. I’ve been hosting two different internet radio shows from school and really enjoy being a part of a radio show. It’s fun and allows me to talk and have a good time while hopefully entertaining the listeners. So far all the opinions I’ve received from the listeners have been extremely positive and encouraging, and no they all haven’t been from my mom! I’m very optimistic about my future in broadcasting and hope that one day that smile on your face will be my handy work. Thanks for listening.