Ten things that make you…..

So here’s the thing: This is a list of the ten things that make you a human scumbag.

10. If you take your shoes off in a restaurant.

9. Littering. I hate you if you litter.

8. Saving a half smoked cigarette for later.

7. Burping loudly with no attempt at common courtesy.

6. Dirty finger nails or toe nails. Clean them you ass.

5.Blowing your nose at the dinner table.

4. Not tipping your server or bartender, or tipping like shit.

3. Not washing your hair on  a regular basis. Get a job you hippie.

2. Texting while driving.

And the number one thing that makes you a human scumbag,  having B.O. Take a shower for the love of God. That’s gross.

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