You forgot my mustard!

So here’s the thing: I went to a popular sub shop the other day and I won’t tell you who, but I will tell you that they do pride themselves on getting your sub as fast as possible, and that leads to my problem. I had never visited this sub shop before, but thought i’d give them a shot on Tuesday. They were chomping at the bit the second I walked in the door, and I can appreciate them taking pride in their job. I told the guy at the register that I would like a number nine combo, and before I could tell him that I didn’t want mayonnaise, the gal next to him had opened up a fresh roll and covered that bitch in mayonnaise! So when she heard me say no mayo, she quickly got a new roll and started again, so far no problem. Next I wanted to add mustard and hot peppers to my tasty number nine, which is what I told the register guy. My sandwich came sliding across the table and was presented to me by the register guy along with a thank you and have a nice day. I was really impressed at the speed in which my sandwich was prepared, but a little concerned that my mustard and hot peppers never found their way on my sandwich. So I literally pointed my sandwich at the girl who finished my lunch and politely asked “did I get mustard and hot peppers” she smiled and said “yes sir”. With sandwich in hand I headed off to school trusting my fellow man. I got to school, opened my sandwich and guess what? NO MUSTARD. I wonder if her little sandwich visor was on too tight, or maybe she felt the need to fuck with a middle aged chubby guy who likes mustard on his sandwich.

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