Story Structure

Police are saying bad drivers continue to risk the lives of their fellow morning commuters. Not many would dispute, the morning drive is still the most frustrating part of the day for most of you.  The biggest complaint??  The ignorance of texting drivers and the unmatched stupidity of the people the D.M.V. deems competent enough to operate a motor vehicle.

Driving from Aurora to Lakewood normally takes you anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. If you were taking 6th Avenue this morning, the ongoing construction added at least 15 minutes to your drive.

Witnesses say, in the construction zone there was a person driving a black S.U.V. consistently swerving in other lanes. Driving 20mph under the speed limit, then 20mph over the speed limit you might be thinking to yourself that they had to be drunk or on drugs, but the explanation is far more absurd. The driver was texting and driving while in that 8000lb accident waiting to happen. Other drivers tried the usual tactics to convey their discontent for the drivers actions like screaming un-heard obscenities from their cars and even the occasional lewd gesture, both having no affect.

The driver oblivious to their surroundings exited the highway at Sheridan Blvd. leaving behind several unhappy and frustrated drivers. Witnesses said they could only shake their heads and wait for the next moron to put lives in danger because of their ignorance. It wasn’t ten seconds later until another driver was doing the same thing. Tomorrow is another day and another commute for most of you, so keep your eyes on the road and the phone in your pocket.

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