Screw Loose to the top!

Jay Parker                                                                                                                               RELEASE IMMEDIATELY


Jay Parker hosts the most popular online radio show in Colorado.

   February 20, 2014 Lakewood CO- A local internet radio shows is making headlines with its growing popularity. Jay Parker is the host of the widely popular radio show “Screw Loose Radio”. The show only airs once a week on Tuesdays from 11-1pm with a talk format that has grabbed the attention of Colorado listeners.

The cast of the show is as interesting as the shows name. The producer Rejon is a young man with an afro as large as his personality. Vegas Mike sits in form time to time to share his knowledge on geography and Joey keeps everybody in line. That just leaves the host Jay Parker. According to ” Jay Parker isn’t very smart but has a voice that will lead you to the gates of heaven”.  The talk format doesn’t sound like your typical radio show. Screw Loose Radio often finds themselves discussing at length subjects other talk shows tend to stay away from. For example: The show last Tuesday spent the full three hours talking about how stupid their family members are. The show is not for everybody and when asked about the sudden rise in the ratings host Jay Parker had this to say “I’m just a man, flesh and bone”.

According to Screw Loose Radio has jumped to the top of the Neilson ratings over the past six months surpassing shows like Louis and Floorwax from 103.5 the Fox and Slacker and Steve from 105.9. The show was created by an KTKL ex-DJ Brody Spooge  and with interesting topics and an interesting cast, the show and Jay Parker at least for now are making a name for themselves in Colorado.


For more information about Screw Loose Radio visit or

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