Old people driving…

So here’s the thing: We all know that most old people are a hazard on the roads, and it just doesn’t make sense to me that we don’t have a law that says hey you old fucker, guess what? You don’t have a drivers license anymore because you couldn’t pass the eye test and you parked your Lincoln in the lobby of the DMV. I have personally witnessed an old man in the DMV in front of me in line not be able to pass the eye test and yet they issued him a new and current license. I know this because while I sat down waiting for my license this old guy sat next to me and told me that he couldn’t see if the little red dot was inside or outside of the box. Apparently he didn’t bring the right glasses. That’s okay Mr. Johnson, here’s your new license, try not to kill anybody. I mean, we make people wait until their sixteen before they can get a drivers license because our government thinks that before your sixteen your not responsible enough or able to operate a vehicle. I don’t know about you, but I would rather have a thirteen year old kid driving next to me than a eighty five year old person who can’t see, hear, slam on the brakes when needed or even understand what a round a bout is. Old people and driving is like giving a hand gun to a monkey, they can kill you or themselves at any given moment.

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