I’m the A-hole?…

So here’s the thing: My trash day is Thursday, so I put out my trash Wednesday night of course. Last Thursday they didn’t pick up my trash and when I got home around eight o’clock I had to gather the pizza boxes up from the middle of the street as the wind is an asshole. I didn’t get around to calling my trash service until yesterday and I wanted to make sure they picked it up today. When I called to ask why my trash wasn’t picked up the lady told me that everything was in order and i’m current with my bill so there shouldn’t be any problem. I then said in a condescending tone “Then can you explain why my trash wasn’t picked up?” She said, “Did you know it was a holiday week and the trash days get pushed back by one day?” I said “No, thank you for your time” So now I’m the asshole, but I still say they should send out an e-mail reminder or some shit. Stupid holidays making me look like a jerk.

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