Fear you? No, more like hate you…

So here’s the thing: People say that you fear what you don’t understand, but when it comes to humans, I don’t understand them but that doesn’t mean I fear them. Most of the time I just end up hating them. It’s like the little dumb woman in front of me today driving that stopped in the middle of the road while merging onto Leetsdale Ave. because she’s too scared to do it while there are cars coming. There is NOT a yield sign and you have your own lane to merge in to, yet she is stopped staring into a living hell waiting for a break in the traffic so she can merge into the already empty lane in front of her. The constant pressing of my horn does nothing to educate her tiny mind that it’s okay to drive. All I can do is wait and curse every living thing around me and up my blood pressure to levels that have killed men of my age and chubby condition. She finally got the break in traffic she needed and proceeded to drive ten miles under the speed limit. As I passed her I looked over so I could put a face to my hate, said some choice words to myself and continued on with my drive. Did I flip her off you ask? I’m not a monster.

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