Don’t do this….

So here’s the thing: This is something that you never want to do. Leave the bar one night and decide it’s time to let 7-11 be your dinner (again). What looks good tonight fat boy? Mmmmmm, it’s the spicy jalapeno chicken wrap! Then you drive home and forget your dinner in the passenger seat of the car and go inside and fall asleep. You wake up like nine hours later and realize you didn’t have dinner. You look for it in the fridge, but it’s not there. Ohhhh, it’s in the car that’s in the garage where it’s ninety six degrees. So ya go out and retrieve your chicken wrap and bring it inside. You set it down on the kitchen counter and start contemplating whether or not to eat it. We both know your going to eat it. The good news is I lost seven pounds over the next twenty four hours. I should have gone to college.

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