Bitter sweet…

So here’s the thing: The self check out in the supermarket is the best and worst invention in the history of grocery shopping. It’s the best when I have a pack of triple A batteries, a jar of spicy pickles, a Snickers bar and the self check out has an open computer. It’s the worst when I have one box of Life cereal and all the self check outs are full with people who have the intelligence level of a chimp. They might be smart in the chimp world, but when it comes to the human world….not so much. My blood boils as I watch a middle aged man scan each item from his full cart and stare at the computer as if it’s going to say “You did that correct, you can now put the item in the bag”. These people are in slow motion and oblivious to the world around them. They handle their groceries like it’s plutonium. I just want to grab a hold of the first one and shake the shit out of them until they understand how annoying they really are.

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