Facebook freaks…

So here’s the thing: What the hell is wrong with you people? If I see one more “selfie” of you in your car I’m gonna scream. I know what you look like from the other forty selfies you’ve taken in your car, so cut that shit out, nobody really cares! Ohhhh you took a picture of your feet by the pool or at the park and said “just chillin on Saturday”! Who cares man? Nobody, plus you have ugly feet. Ohhhh, your at lunch? That picture of your wine is so interesting I can’t stand it!! Your so hip and cool out at lunch like everybody else every f-ing day of the world. Why do we care? If you have something interesting or entertaining to share then cool, if you don’t then shut up. Ohhh, you “checked in” at Home Depot and “Looking for some light bulbs ha ha ha!” I wanna drive to Home Depot and slap you in the face. Don’t get me started on the food, dog, and your amazing pictures of the weather outside. Facebook freaks!!

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