Back to school…

So here’s the thing: Yeah we get it, your kids are going back to school or starting school, but I never knew how much I wanted to see all these pictures of kids in nice new back packs until you guys starting posting them every two seconds!!  No really, I really really like all the pointless photos of kids in their cutest possible smiles with their fresh haircuts and ugly new clothes that mom thinks is so cute. Thank you so much for telling us how much you love your kids too, I assumed that you didn’t love them and that they didn’t change your life how ever many years ago they were born, but come to find out you do love them and they did change your life when they were born!! I also can’t thank you enough for telling me that time goes by so fast, I really had no idea, I thought my aching bones in the morning was because I was still twenty two years old, but it turns out time goes by fast and bones deteriorate over time, but I didn’t know until your kids grew up and started school! Well, at least you stopped posting pictures of  your fun little chicken salad that you had for lunch.

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