The bartender hates you…

So here’s the thing: So the other day a man and a woman came into the bar and sat down. I said “hey you guys, how ya doin? what can I get you?” The gentleman asked for a Coors Light draft. The woman says “Is that all you have?” I said “Is Coors Light all we have?” She said “yeah” Directly behind me was ten tap beers, four different liquor bottle displays, five or six tables around us all eating. I said “yeah, that’s all we have” I’m not the smartest person in the world however, she takes dumb question asking to a different level. I of course told her that we had many things to offer as we are a full service restaurant and bar. She stared at me like I had a hand growing out of neck. She finally decided on a white Russian for her drink. She didn’t have an I.D. They left. FML. The end.

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