The bartender hates you…

So here’s the thing: Pay careful attention to this because it could be you, and most likely is. If you’re the people who walk into a restaurant or bar and automatically start rearranging the tables to accommodate the rest of the assholes that are showing up with your party, everybody who works in that restaurant or bar hates you. Seriously we hate you, and if one of the employees makes it known that they don’t hate you, we then turn on them and hate them. It’s kinda a peer pressure thing and believe me it’s much easier to hate you than work in a hostile environment. Is it so hard to find somebody who works there and politely ask if it’s okay to move some tables around for your party? It’s just common courtesy you dick. You might be thinking, “Hey, we pay your bills with our tips, whats the big deal moving some tables around?!” To that I say “Your ugly and nobody loves you”

Clean that mess up.

Clean that mess up.

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