I’m so jealous…

Fat guy photoSo here’s the thing: I’m going to be honest with you. I’m jealous of the guy who can take his shirt off in public and walk around like everything is normal. I don’t mean the guy who shouldn’t take his shirt off in public and walks around like everything is normal. You know the guy I’m talking about. You go out to the park with friends on a hot day with the dogs and Frisbee’s to mess around and have a good time and there’s always that guy who takes his shirt off and nobody thinks twice about it. That’s so weird and I’m jealous at the same time. If I decided to take my shirt off at the park and play Frisbee, people would say things like “Hey bro, this isn’t Europe, and you’re gross” or “What is that?” I have a hard enough time looking at myself in the mirror at home. I often say out loud while looking into my eyes in the mirror “It’s a good thing we have personality” Then I cry a little and get in the shower.

One thought on “I’m so jealous…

  1. Don’t feel bad. I used to be chubby from childhood until I was in 8th grade (I had a minor accident that caused me to gain weight as a child). I grew up with it so I was one of those people that were comfortable with their body. In High School I started going to the gym and I became more confident after losing weight. Later in my life I had heart failure and am gaining weight and am back to feeling a little insecure. It takes some time to get to used to your body. Feel proud, own up to it, or improve it if you can.


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