No poop for you!…

Dog cleaning up poop

So here’s the thing: I know some of you dog owners out there will like this. You’ll never find me cleaning up for a dog outside. Nope. No little baggy to carry around waiting for old spot to do his business. No carrying shit in a bag for two blocks until I find a trash can or one of those dog shit receptacles. I mean, the whole reason we take the dog outside is so we don’t have to clean up shit inside. Now you’re telling me I have to clean it up outside? Not gonna happen. A dog shitting outside is the natural order of the universe. It’s not like a broken microwave covered in glass falls out of their ass, in which case I would be compelled to clean that up, but poop, no sir. “I don’t want to step in shit while walking through the park” Then watch where you step, or don’t go to the park. Jerk.

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