The bartender hates you…

So here’s the thing: I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Have you people never been out before? Has the macaroni and cheese and daytime TV completely clogged your brains from the ability to make a rational thought? This is the “service industry” so if by me serving you is an irritation, then get your food and drink from the supermarket and go home to continue the waste that is your life. The next person to ask me “what do you have?” or doesn’t look me in the eye when I’m speaking to them, I just might freak out and….not say anything… with it… shit to my co-workers…..then do it all over again tomorrow. On a separate note, I dropped a new bar of soap on my big toe in the shower this afternoon, I yelled at it and was genuinely  angry at the soap. I’m 38 years old.

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