Stupid people two…

stupid people photo

So here’s the thing: I know my last blog was about stupid people, but after the conversation I had with a woman from Comcast, I had to do a follow up post. I’m on the phone with Comcast because I’m trying to get the internet in my house. It’s proving to be a very difficult task for some reason, and the reason would be the people at Comcast have yogurt where their brains are supposed to be. Their telling me that I need a technician to come out to the house and do what they call a “hot tap” on the outside to allow the signal to come in. Great I said and it was scheduled for the twenty ninth of November. I tried setting up the modem, but had no signal. I called Comcast and they told me that the appointment for the technician was rescheduled for the fourth of December. I told them that I hadn’t been notified, but okay. I tried getting a signal on my modem on the fourth, after the time they said they would be out, but no still no signal. I called back. This time the woman told me that the appointment for the fourth was cancelled. I asked by who, she didn’t know. She then said hold on Mr. Parker, I think I know what the problem is. I was ready to hear the good news that would finally allow me to get the internet. She actually said “It shows here that there was an appointment set for the first of December (three days ago) at 8:45pm, I think that’s the problem. Would you like to cancel the appointment?” I said “Are you asking me if I want to cancel an appointment that didn’t happen three days ago?” She said “Yes” I said “That doesn’t make sense” She then changed the subject to some other crazy talk. I just want the internet man. FML.

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