Know your limitations…

fabby arms

So here’s the thing: Let’s talk about limitations for a second. I’ll be honest with you, I’m not an attractive man, and my body for a lack of a better word is gross. You know what I don’t do, walk around the pool in speedos man! You want to know why? Limitations. I was inspired to write this because of seeing an older woman on a late night talk show wearing a dress that really showed off her old arm pits. I don’t like arm pits to begin with, and seeing this lady sit there with arm pits that had multiple folds in them that would flap around when she laughed really, well….made me sick. That’s why I don’t show off my extra skin in public, I don’t want to make strangers sick, it’s a form of common courtesy people. It all falls under the category of knowing your physical limitations. Wait, unless you’re really, really rich, then forget everything you just read and give me a call.

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