There just balls…


So here’s the thing: Have you ever noticed that almost all the balls in sports are round, but a football isn’t. Baseball, round. Basketball, round. Tennis, round. Racquetball, round. Golf, round. Ping Pong, round. Pool, round. Soccer, round. Foosball, round. Volleyball, round. Bowling, round. It would seem to me that by definition, a “ball” is round, so what the hell happened to a football? I don’t think we should call it a ball, we should call it a “foot-shit-thing”. I think that makes way more sense. We don’t call it a “Hockey ball” or a “shuttleball if you’re familiar with bad mitten,  because it’s not a ball, it’s a puck and a shuttlecock  you prick. I don’t know who I’m calling a prick necessarily, I’m just worked up over all these balls. Ohhh stop!

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