Do you say it?…

slapping the face

So here’s the thing: We all have a way of speaking, and you can usually judge someones intelligence by the way they speak, or at least get a good idea if they’re a moron or not. That being said, who the hell came up with the phrase “Okie Dokie”? Now, I’m not saying you’re a moron for using this phrase, but damn it if I don’t think twice about you when I hear you say it. It’s just a peculiar phrase to me, it sounds more like something a three year old would say when trying to put a square block in the circle hole. If the phrase wasn’t bad enough, somebody went and added “Artichokie” to it. What the hell is this world coming to when an adult human being replies to a statement with “Okie Dokie Artichokie”, and the other adult doesn’t even slap them for saying it? They accept this type of behavior as normal everyday conversation. I think we should start slapping the people who use this phrase. Just one man’s opinion.

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