Think before you speak…

super man bad skin

So here’s the thing: Isn’t adult acne fun?! I really enjoy it. I’ve suffered from bad skin my whole life, not as bad as others, but still a problem today. There’s nothing better when you have a break out and go into work or school or wherever and there’s always that one person to say “Holy shit man, that’s a big ass zit you’re rocking there!” I always feel embarrassed and say “Thanks” I don’t know what else to say right? Hey people with nice skin and stupid fucking brains, us people who have bad skin KNOW IT, YOU DON’T HAVE TO POINT IT OUT WHEN WE HAVE A BREAK OUT!! I don’t call you out about your bad breath, ugly baby, douche bag husband, flabby tits, weird make-up, bad hair, infected piercing, lame tattoo, dirty finger nails, obnoxious mother, stupid mustache, body odor, busted toes, awful laugh, crossed eyes, cleft palate, man tits, FUPA, the smell of you in general. When you see somebody having a bad skin day or other, just let them be man! We all have physical problems that were clearly aware of, you don’t have to point them out. P.S. I close my eyes when I walk by the mirrors in my house. JK, but not really. Or am I JK?

One thought on “Think before you speak…

  1. I’m fifty-five and still (potentially) suffering. Tetralysal keeps it under control ninety-nine percent of the time, fortunately.


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