Not exactly P.C….

politically correct

So here’s the thing: I’m working last night and everything was going like a typical Sunday, you know, people not tipping, dumb questions, rude strangers, just the normal stuff. I was talking to a fellow employee about nothing when out of left field he says to me “You know, you have a midget head?” Now I understand that the term “Midget” is not politically correct anymore, but for the purpose of this story I’m going to use it, forgive me. After he told me this I couldn’t help but start laughing. I said “What, where the hell did that come from?” He then said “You would make a good midget! I wish you were”. I couldn’t wrap my “Midget” head around the last thing he said, “I wish you were”, I have a pretty twisted mind, but even I had trouble figuring that out. After that conversation he just said “Later” and left. I think he likes me.

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