Let’s talk MMA and UFC…

affliction guy

So here’s the thing: I really enjoy watching the UFC or any MMA competition, but I can’t help but think “Why would you want to hit somebody for a living or get hit for a living?” Now, there are roughly about a million people I’d like to hit in the face, but not as a job, just because they deserve it. I’ve also never really hit somebody in the face, so I don’t know what it’s like. I’ve choked the shit out of some people before, and that’s cool, but never really hit anybody. The bar business provides opportunities for choking on a daily basis, thank you alcohol. There’s an old saying that goes “I’m a lover, not a fighter”, I’d like to fall under that category, but I get the feeling there are a few ladies out there that would disagree with that. Okay, not a few, but definitely a couple…..for sure one. I have had sex, honest….with a female I think. I wonder if all the guys who go to the bar to watch the UFC fights know that they make those Affliction shirts in more sizes than medium.

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