I’m sorry…

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So here’s the thing: I just got off work about fifteen minutes ago and I did my normal late night routine which includes stopping by the gas station and getting a diet Dr. Pepper. Tonight was a little different in the fact that there was a man begging for money outside the front door to the gas station. His little gimmick is opening the door for customers as they walk in, then on their way out he asks for money. Before I even got out of my car I knew what he was doing, it’s all too familiar these days unfortunately. I went in and purchased my diet Dr. Pepper and made a comment to the late night cashier about the man outside. He said…well I have no fucking idea what he said to be honest, there’s a little bit of a language barrier, whatever. As I walked out the front door I saw his “begging” about to begin. He said “Sir, could you help me out with getting a sandwich tonight?” My response was “I worked hard all night tonight for my money, and I hate my job.” He bowed his head and cowered back to the front door. I instantly got sick to my stomach with myself. It doesn’t matter why he needs money, whether it’s for food, drugs, alcohol, popcorn, it just doesn’t matter. He was polite to me when asking for help, and I was a complete dick to him for no reason. I could have just as easily said “No thank you”.  I sat in my car for a few seconds as he stood in the cold next to the front door waiting for the next late night asshole. I started tearing up as I stared at him and thinking about what kind of a man I am at this moment. I rolled down the window and asked him to come over. I gave him money, and as he ran inside, I realized something I had never thought about the gas station down the street from my house, they don’t sell alcohol. I don’t know if he came back out with a three dollar shitty gas station deli sandwich, or a pack of cigarettes, what I do know is I was a fucking person tonight I’ll never be again. You might be asking yourself why I would share this story with you when it makes me out as such a douche bag, I don’t know, I guess I can learn from my ignorance and be a better man by telling you.

One thought on “I’m sorry…

  1. This is not only an amazing story but it also reminds you that there is still good in the world. There are Good people that have bad luck it’s up to the people who still are having good luck to share it even if it’s just buying a sandwhich. You gave him hope 🙂


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