Chlorine my ass…

cartman pool pee

So here’s the thing: You remember being a kid and swimming at the local pool with all your friends while your mom or dad were sunbathing in the pool chairs with a nice buzz coming from the ice chest? Yeah me too. I was one of the kids that could open my eyes under water. Me and my brother used to have little under water tea parties for as long as we could hold our breath. I remember seeing everything under the water, from the tea party with bro, to the heavy peoples legs passing next to my face. It was a fun time for sure! You know what I think about now? All the human piss and shit that must have got in my eyes while they were open having a stupid ass tea party with my brother!!!! Who the hell has a tea party as a young boy anyway?!! My eyes always seem to be blood shot these days as an adult, I’m convinced it’s the human waste that my ocular cavities consumed as a child in the public pool, but then again it could be the marijuana, I mean the marijuana in the air in this city, it’s Colorado ya’ll, legal and shit. I’m hungry. If you like what you read from me, please share it, thank you.

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