The bartender hates you…

lip stick lady

So here’s the thing: Dear women who wear so much lip stick that it takes me three minutes per glass you drink out of to get them clean, and I’m using a commercial dish washer, what the fuck is wrong with you? Do you not notice that while your drinking your draft beer or house wine, it looks like a five year old got a hold of a red crayon and went to town on the rim of your glass? How can you just sit there and enjoy your conversation about nothing when your drink glass can be seen by the moon and you just keep adding to it with your clown mouth. It almost seems like you avoid your own lip stick because by the time I get to clean it, the entire circumference is covered in faded red paint. It’s awesome when you order your second drink because I get to look forward to cleaning another grease covered disaster. You look so pretty though, don’t forget to put more lipstick on while sitting at the bar, ohhhh wait, you never forget that.

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