The bartender hates you…

rat pack

So here’s the thing: There was actually a human being who came into the bar with his little pretty girlfriend today and pulled one of the most douchie things humanly possible if you asked me. I gave them great service of course, and if you know me then shut up about the beginning of this sentence, I’m charming when I need to be. Anyway, after a couple of hours of serving him and his girlfriend while they got a little banged up and made fake friends with few different people, there was a moment when this kid went to the  end of the bar and called me over in an oddly deep voice he hadn’t been using until now. I obeyed my master and went to the end of the bar. He started telling me how great I had been all night and how great the service was not to mention the entertainment (I talked a lot of shit they found funny) . I humbly thanked him and we both understood this was a time for a handshake. As we offered our hands towards each other, I noticed his had some money folded up in the palm. As the next second passed, I thought “What the fuck is this guy doing?” Well, he was giving me the old “Frank Sinatra” handshake. I went along with it of course, I can’t be a dick and call him out, after all, I don’t know how much money he just dropped on me. It was three dollars. Today I had a twenty four year old kid pull the “Frank Sinatra” hand shake on me with three dollars, and he was serious. I should of went to college, score one for mom.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my pod cast, “Amber and the Trash Man” in the audio section of my website. It’s not for the kiddos!

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