I feel violated…

stinky feet

So here’s the thing: I’m sitting at the bar the other day when a guy comes and sits down next to me. Now, that’s just irritating because I don’t like people in my bubble, but whatever. The part that was really irritating was the odor I started to detect. It was the unmistakable odor of feet. I leaned back so I could get a look to see if he was wearing sandals or shoes. Guess, what? Sandals, coupled with stinky feet. There’s not a lot of things on this planet I find more disgusting than feet, but the bad odor from a strange mans feet sitting next to me takes the cake. I tried killing him with my mind, but that didn’t work, so I changed seats to get his funk out of my head. When I’m President, any funky odor in public will be punishable by fine or imprisonment.

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