Nice socks…


So here’s the thing: I wear dress socks to work most days and I catch a lot of shit from my co-workers and regulars because I’m also wearing shorts. It’s not a good look, but I don’t care because dress socks are soft and smooth and feel awesome. Believe me I have more pressing issues to worry about before I give a shit about my socks. Speaking of socks, how the hell do they get turned inside out in the wash? I don’t have time in my life to keep turning them outside in before putting them on, I got shit to do. Also, why do the heals wear out ten seconds after I put them on? Do I have the roughest heals on the planet? Am I buying the shittiest socks ever made? Why is stepping in something wet while in your socks the worst thing that has ever happened? If you’re wearing dirty socks, I hate you. I just realized there’s a lot more negative things about socks than positive things about socks. Maybe I’m over thinking this whole “sock” thing, or maybe you’re not thinking about it enough.

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