The bartender hates you…


So here’s the thing: So this young little pretty girl is in the bar the other night and she was lucky enough to have me serving her. I say to her “hey sweetheart, what can I get ya?” Now, she didn’t know what she wanted of course, I mean why would she, that would demonstrate having a functioning brain. As I waited for her to make a decision, she asks me “what’s your favorite thing to make?” The first thing that popped into my head was “You cry”, but I didn’t say that of course, instead I made up some bull shit about vodka and some more bull shit about some other bull shit, all so I didn’t grab her and start shaking the annoying out of her. What’s my favorite thing to make? I don’t even want to be here bitch, just order a goddamn vodka cranberry with a fucking bull shit extra lime and get out of my face.

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