Why the long face?…

horse face

So here’s the thing: If I were a horse in the year 2015, I have to say I would pretty pissed off! Horses are smart animals so I wonder if when their being ridden by some fat ass their thinking in their head “Hey, you drove a fucking Honda Civic down here, so why the fuck are you on my back?” Let’s face it people, we don’t need to ride horses anymore. We have other means of transportation, but we think it’s fun. How do you think the horse feels dick?! If were not riding them for our amusement, were racing them for our amusement. How would you like somebody to force you to race all your friends all the goddamn time. Don’t forget, I’ll be whipping your ass the whole time as if you didn’t get the fact that I want you to run faster. When it’s all said and done you’ll end up being dog food and glue. Thanks for playing Mr. Ed. If I were a horse in 2015 I would be pissed. P.S. don’t forget to listen to the podcast right here on the website. Listen, like, share, thanks.

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