When I’m President…


So here’s the thing: When I’m President there are going to be a lot of changes around here. For starters I’m going to have a team of FBI agents who surf Facebook and when they come across a guy who takes a selfie in his car, their going to track him down and punch him in the face. For every selfie violation he commits, that’s one extra punch in the face, so three violation equals three punches in his stupid face and so on a so fourth. The girls who take selfies in the car? That’s fine, their girls. Also, the guy who takes a selfie in front of the mirror with no shirt on will be put to death without a trial, unless he’s fat like me and doing it to be funny. If he looks good with no shirt on, death. One last thing to all the ugly people who seem to take the most selfies, stop, you’re ugly and nobody wants to see your ugly face that you put the camera way to close to when you took the picture. God man!! Don’t you own a mirror. I can say that because I’m ugly. Don’t forget to listen to the Amber and the Trash Man podcast right here on trashmanradio.com Listen, like, share, thanks.

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