The Bartender hates you…


So here’s the thing: “I’m a reasonable guy, but I’ve just experiences some very unreasonable things” If you can tell me what movie that is from without using google, I’ll suck your dick. If you don’t have a dick, I’ll suck whatever’s down there. Do you want to know why I hate “you”? Because your the bitch that wears so much fucking lipstick that you actually change the mood I’m in on a daily basis. Who would of thought that the importance of how sexy you think you look and the cost that you’re willing to show it off, would actually change who I am as a human. I’m blown a away. I’m speechless. I actually think I’m smarter for having to think how fucking bizarre you are to do this and think it’s normal. You’ve educated me with your lipstick, and not in the fun way. On a separate note, you know you have a good friend when the phone call from him starts by him saying “Hey, you remember when I told you I think I have two assholes?” Listen, like, share, thanks.

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