Children should be property…


So here’s the thing:  What’s the big deal with all this kid shit these days? Why do we have to bend over and take it up the ass so we don’t bruise or offend a child’s little pill sized brain? We make the little mother fuckers, they should be property, like a chair, or a magazine, only this chair or magazine can scrub a floor. I made this “child”, I’ll do whatever the fuck I want to with it. Why is seven years old too young to have a job? Those little fuckers can clean or bring shit to adults who need shit. What if I want my “property” to stand next to the couch and hold my beer, and my bowl of Wheat Thins? Why would some consider that cruel? I made a living coffee table, I should be allowed to take advantage of that. I think everybody is all  “High and Mighty” when it comes to their children these days, not making them clean or do yard work, or even stand in an empty parking space at the movies to hold it for me while I drive around to look for a better spot. If I make more than one human traffic cone, I can put them in two or three spaces til I find the best. Why is that so bad? I feed them, keep them warm, and, let them dig in the back yard. What else do I have to do? Now I’m the bad guy? Fuck that shit, we make em, they should be working for us. On a separate note, how come on Facebook when we see people talking to dogs in a different language, we think to ourselves “How does that dog understand other languages?” Just me?

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