Once upon a time…


So here’s the thing: Today my mother sent me a picture of me when I was 16 or 17 years old. It was some stupid glamour shot photo for high school or some shit, but the amazing part is what I looked like. I looked thin, happy and handsome, which leads to the question of “what the fuck happened?” OMG I look like a swollen city buss driver now! If I didn’t have all my teeth people would think I was homeless but with access to a dumpster full of processed meat. I felt like there should have been a caption under the picture that read “Jay, this is what you looked like when I was proud of you” When I woke up this morning, or afternoon if you want to be technical, I was half way in a good mood and thinking optimistically about my life and a future full of smiles and blow jobs, but that magic picture came through on my phone reminding me that the best years of my life are over and happiness is just an illusion for desperate eyes. I cried in the mirror for about twenty minutes as I cussed at my reflection for being worthless and a disappointment to the universe, then I realized it could be worse, at least I’m not depressed. On a separate note, I’m thinking pop tarts for dinner tonight.

Children should be property…


So here’s the thing:  What’s the big deal with all this kid shit these days? Why do we have to bend over and take it up the ass so we don’t bruise or offend a child’s little pill sized brain? We make the little mother fuckers, they should be property, like a chair, or a magazine, only this chair or magazine can scrub a floor. I made this “child”, I’ll do whatever the fuck I want to with it. Why is seven years old too young to have a job? Those little fuckers can clean or bring shit to adults who need shit. What if I want my “property” to stand next to the couch and hold my beer, and my bowl of Wheat Thins? Why would some consider that cruel? I made a living coffee table, I should be allowed to take advantage of that. I think everybody is all  “High and Mighty” when it comes to their children these days, not making them clean or do yard work, or even stand in an empty parking space at the movies to hold it for me while I drive around to look for a better spot. If I make more than one human traffic cone, I can put them in two or three spaces til I find the best. Why is that so bad? I feed them, keep them warm, and, let them dig in the back yard. What else do I have to do? Now I’m the bad guy? Fuck that shit, we make em, they should be working for us. On a separate note, how come on Facebook when we see people talking to dogs in a different language, we think to ourselves “How does that dog understand other languages?” Just me?

It’s just a theory…


So here’s the thing: I have a theory. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the movie the Matrix, but if you are than you’ll understand where I’m coming from, if you’re not, well, stop reading this. I don’t think we’re butt necked in a pod somewhere and there are machines using our bodies for energy, but I do think some of us might be in the “Mental Yogurt Matrix”. What I mean by that is clearly there are people who are mentally off, let’s face it, some people are shit fucking crazy. So what if I’m one of these crazy people? Would I know it? What if what I think is reality is actually the Mental Yogurt Matrix? I think that I produce a radio show, work in a sports bar, and pour drinks at Sports Authority Field for the Broncos games, but what if the reality is that all I produce is human waste, live in the parking lot of a sports bar and pour hand sanitizer into a Gatorade bottle that I took out of the trash? I’d like to believe that my home is in a quiet neighborhood with families and children playing in the front yard, but maybe I’m actually under a tree in the parking lot next to a busy street and the families and children playing are the cars driving past me with high school kids heckling me because I’m playing “Go Fish” with a dead squirrel named Federico. That my friends is the “Mental Yogurt Matrix”. At this point, I think I’m leaning towards the parking lot. On a separate note, I had to google how to spell “quiet”, so if you’ve ever thought that I was unintelligent, you would be right.

Online is mentally offline.

online dating

So here’s the thing? I know that a lot of you are online dating and looking for love. Let me tell you who is online looking for sex, and kinky parking lot head…….every fucking guy online. Ladies, you have to trust me on this one, for once trust me. I know this may piss off some of the guys out there who read my blog, but fuck you, I’m being honest and hopefully scoring points because I’m a perv too, only I’m honest about it. I’ve never been online to meet a woman, but I know guys who have and the story usually ends with “she licked my asshole and I didn’t know what to do” or “she shit on me man, shit on me.” or “she was crying and jacking me off at the same time, how the fuck do I enjoy that?” I don’t know what the answer is with computer dating, but I know that it’s more of a hook up world than a fall in love world. Call me pessimistic or cynical, but I speak the truth. On a separate note, stop posting pictures of your fucking dogs doing nothing, it’s fucking stupid and we fucking hate it. If you keep doing it then, fuck you and the look on my face should confirm that feeling.

Who doesn’t love a dick pic?

dick pic

So here’s the thing: I’m no stranger to the “dick pic” and if you’re out there who has seen them, you know who you are and, I’m sorry. Recently I’ve been going through hell on earth with a couple of friends in my life. One friend sends me a pic of his broken dick from his girl fucking him like he’s a porno star, he’s not, he’s a normal guy with a normal dick, stop bouncing up and down like  you want to be on top of an Arizona Tea can. The other friend sends me pics on the regular of girls sucking his dick. Listen, I like dick sucking porn and shit related to that, but not my friends dick!! It’s weird to see your friends dick. I just want to be a normal pervert, not a pervert that is looking at his friends dick! Maybe I’m the crazy one, but I shouldn’t be receiving more dick pics than I produce, as s heterosexual man anyway. Fucking shit!! What the fuck is going on in my life when I get more dick pics than I send?? On a separate note, the Olympics are on right now, big fucking deal. You jumped farther than we did, cool, now what? What the fuck? Who fucking cares? You can swim, so can I . You swim faster? So fucking what, are we racing to Hawaii and the winner get’s nothing? Shut the fuck up, nice back flip bitch!