It’s meat head night!

So here’s the thing: You might be asking yourself what meat head night is, well let me explain. Tonight is the UFC fighting tournament that is so popular right now in our lovely country. I work in a sports bar that carries all the UFC fights so I call the fight nights meat head nights because of all the tough guys that come out to watch. Let me paint a picture for you. Groups of two and three guys wearing t-shirts two sizes too small but all the same style. They have matching gold chains around their bulging necks. One of the guys from each group is guaranteed to have a tribal tattoo of some sort on his arm. They all have high and tight fade haircuts. As far as what they drink well one guy is the vodka water guy cause he has to watch the calorie intake, the second guy is a Bud Light bottle he’ll drink for three hours and the third guy is an iced tea. The biggest penis in the whole crowd is three inches. (that part is a guess) You can actually feel the testosterone in the air like humidity and a fight usually breaks out over one guy accusing the other of having a shitty spray tan. So many shaved arms, I can’t wait.

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