The bartender hates you…

angry baby bartender

So here’s the thing: You’re not really gonna agree with all these, but trust me, it drives us crazy. If you ask for silverware to eat any of these food items, then the bartender hates you: Cheese sticks, I hate you, Fried mushrooms, I hate you, Quesadilla, I hate you, Pizza, I hate you, Cheeseburger, I hate you, Chicken fingers, I hate you, Chicken wings, I hate you, Nachos, I hate you, Jalapeno poppers, I hate you, AND, If you use silverware to eat french fries, then basically you’re dead to me. The same people who think their too good to eat these foods with the bare hands because it’s uncivilized are the same people that use their finger nails to dig out the food stuck between their teeth. It’s called finger food for a reason you jerks.

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