The bartender hates you…


So here’s the thing: I’m bar tending the other day when a couple comes in and sits at the bar. I go through the motions of “Hey, how’s it goin?” Like I care, then I say to the lady (because ladies first) “Sweet heart, what can I get for you?” She says, “I want something good” What the fuck does that mean to me? She just stares at me for a couple of seconds. I said “Okay, are you thinking about a beer or a cocktail?” She says “I don’t know, just something good” Just tell me what the fuck you want you asshole! I said okay and I made up some shit with vodka and juices, usually a safe bet for the ladies. I turn to the guy and say “What can I get for you?” He says “A draft beer”. Hey fuck face, you want to tell me which of the eleven beers on tap you want, or are you just gonna keep staring at me with those stupid fucking octagon shaped glasses?” I live in the Twilight Zone. Don’t forget to listen to my podcast right here on, listen, like, share, thanks.

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