Is it too much to ask?…

barney burb

So here’s the thing: Why do people think it’s normal or acceptable in this society to just belch out loud with no regard for basic manners? Hey man, I’m a realist, I understand that it happens, but there’s a time and place to celebrate it, and that place isn’t at the bar in front of strangers and people trying to enjoy a meal or a cocktail. First of all it’s fucking disgusting when somebody just lets one rip and without prior knowledge you now know they had tuna salad for lunch. It’s rude you asshole. It’s one thing to burp at home and blow it at your roommate or friend, that’s funny, but that’s an acceptable setting to put common manners on hold in order to get a laugh. In the middle of  a conversation at the bar or restaurant isn’t the time, it’s tacky and in poor taste. I’m talking about men and women, but it’s worse when it’s a woman. Yeah, I said it’s worse when it’s a woman, it’s called a “double standard”, don’t get pissed ladies, you have plenty of double standards out there that are in your favor, so relax. You might be asking yourself “Why is it worse?” Well, put it this way, I like to think of women as sweet smelling, pretty and feminine, I don’t want them to share the qualities of the fat, hairy guy who works in the kitchen named Bob. Bottom line is it’s rude and I hate it, so there.

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