My dreams hate me…

mirror mirror

So here’s the thing: I had a dream last night that just kind of slaps you in the face when you wake up. I had a dream that I was at work and everything was normal, besides the fact that it wasn’t actually where I work, it was altered the way dreams do. I was pouring a drink when a co-worker told me I had a phone call. I went over to the restaurant phone which looked like a random piece of wood for some reason. I said “Hello”, a voice spoke out and said “Is this you?” I said “Yeah, who’s this?” The voice, which was a male voice by the way, said “Hey, it’s your bathroom mirror, I really prefer looking at a wall and towel rack rather than you, please don’t come home anymore.” Let me say this, my self esteem isn’t at an all time high these days, but damn, a dream like that drives me to drink! On a separate note, I’ve decided to go on a bacon only diet, just to spite my bathroom mirror.

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